Acetoria Vinegars: Black Current Vinegar Over Vanilla Ice Cream

Some of the most incredible, pure, flavorful vinegar you’ll ever taste, here at The Shop Agora! A few weekends ago we were fortunate enough to have a member of the Reiterer family visit the store.

As provided by Ritrovo:
Acetoria vinegars are the result of an extraordinary collaboration between esteemed winemaker Joseph Reiterer of Alto Adige and German master vinegar maker Robert Bauer. All Acetoria vinegars are made from fine wine. Reiterer judiciously selects the best basic ingredients then produces a wine with exceptional flavor, body, and acid balance. Then Bauer transforms these wines into vinegars, each aged in such a way as to extol the charac-teristics of its particular type. The result of this collaboration is the creation of intensely flavored, harmoniously balanced vinegars that bring flavor and freshness to anything from salad dressings to meat dishes to desserts.

You would never guess that this would be a hit recipe!

Black Current Vinegar Over Vanilla Ice Cream

Drizzle Acetoria Black Current Vinegar over some nice vanilla ice cream!
The acidity of the vinegar is absorbed by the sweetness of the ice cream for a perfect and very complimentary dish. This will be a unsuspecting hit that you can show off with in no time at your next dinner party!

Try it!