kolokithokeftedes | zucchini fritters | These are a gluten free twist to a traditional Greek recipe, one of my absolute favorites! While this is usually consumed as an appetizer, it can also be served as more of an entree, or even for breakfast!

vanilla caramel popcorn with fiori & salt | Flowers on your food are more than esthetically pleasing to the eye.  Casina Rossa Fiori & Salt is a blend of 10 types of edible flowers with sea salt, presenting an elegant and unique addition to salads, or on cheese, vegetables, poultry, fish, and pork.

fried fingerlings with sale fiori & tutti fiori This is a fun twist to a Greek staple: french fries. Aside from being delicious, adding flowers to your fried potatoes just ups the class of this side dish.

slovenian | italian summer salad | Enjoy the last bits of summer! Get your hands on some gorgeous heirlooms and pick up some of the best sea salt around.

how to spice up olives | Whenever we sample olives at the shop people ask us what we do to make them taste so good. Many of them are in a homemade brine which add lots of flavor, but to spice them up for impressing guests is VERY simple!

toasted artichoke hearts rolled in hazelnut flour | We first tried these 4 or 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since! This appetizer is easy to make and guaranteed to be a hit!

les moulins mahjoub pickled lemons | Ok everyone, this is a gold ticket item! Not only is this the most beautiful jar of preserved lemons you’ve ever seen, but it’s a product with that special homemade touch.

greek yogurt & attiki thyme honey | The creamy, thick texture of Greek Fage Yogurt can take you right back to the homeland. Keep it simple and drizzle our Greek Attiki Thyme honey over a scoop of deliciousness, or spice it up