The Loveliness of Lumache

Named because of the pasta’s resemblance to a snail’s shell, Lumache is a small, shell-shaped pasta made from buckwheat and corn flours (gluten free!). Buckwheat is an amazingly healthy and versatile Italian grain which was grown as a cover crop in northern Italy. Its earthy richness and slight sweetness make it a favorite for traditional […]


Delicious new product alert! Spiritosi Amarena Cherries are a jar full of whole amarena cherries preserved in one of Italy’s most evocative digestivi: Barolo Chinato. Amarena cherries are small, dark, slightly sour cherries grown primarily in Bologna and Modena. Though Italians typically preserve them in sugar, these delightful little cherries are preserved in the digestif […]

Mini Gift Packs – the simple and fun gifts that please!

It’s the most wonderful time of year to find gifts and stocking stuffers that will make this holiday season even more memorable! We have a beautiful selection of mini gift packs that will surely please your favorite foodie! Mini Specialty Salt Packs: 1. Casina Rossa Mini-Jar Salt Stack (6 – 1.1 oz mini-jars; sold online […]

NEW Product – Truffle & Salt with Cheese!

Our Truffle & Salt & Cheese is the most perfect combination to add some savory depth and delight to almost any dish! A Ritrovo and Shop Agora exclusive, this tasty salt will turn you into a gourmet chef in minutes! The flavor combinations could not be complete without specially-processed air-dried parmigiano reggiano from Parma, which […]

Food & Wine Magazine Features The Shop Agora!!

Check out The Shop Agora in this April’s issue of Food & Wine Magazine! We are mentioned as the retailer for Fior di Maiella, the antioxidant rich long grain black rice from Abruzzo. This rice is known for its rich, earthy flavor and incredible aroma. Get your hands on some Fior di Maiella Rice HERE!