Sneaking a Spoonful

If I have a weakness for any product, I would have to say that Dr. Pescia’s Wild Heather honey is what I sneak a spoonful of every time I pass the pantry.

Dr. Pescia’s unfiltered line of honeys are from Tuscany. Each honey fully retains it’s nutritional properties as all production is done by hand. Therefore, the honey is simply a decadent treat from the bees.

The flavor of Wild Heather is full bodied, thick in texture and tastes like the rolling hills of Tuscany, sweet, classic and unforgettable. Simply eat it off a spoon, or spread the honey over toast, pastries and even ice cream.

Taste the beauty of Tuscany in this imported Italian delight!


For a detailed profile on Ritrovo’s imported Tuscan Wild Heather Honey from Dr. Pescia, visit the Ritrovo website.