the best breakfast sandwich ever! | I have to leave the disclaimer that I don’t have photographic proof of how amazing this really is! Halloumi, Egg & Avocado Breakfast Sandwich For those of you obsessed with Halloumi as the latest and greatest new food group, you need to try this

breadstick frittata recipe | In this recipe, the breadsticks pieces absorb the liquid to add texture and contrast to the frittata.



slow cooker braised lamb | Tender lamb braised in Tuscan Sangiovenese Spiced Sauce makes for  heavenly comfort food.

fasolakia recipe | Fasolakia is a traditional Greek recipe combining string beans, carrots and potatoes. They are slowing cooked in an onion and tomato based sauce, and of course, served with fresh bread and a solid chunk of feta cheese on top.

wild chicory & halloumi pita sandwich | Get ready for a wild recipe inspired by a combination of Greek & Italian ingredients! For those of you looking to integrate Maida Wild Chicory into your daily meals, here is something simple and delicious to consider



il macchiaiolo corn pasta with sangiovese sauce | Try this simply delicious recipe for a quick and satisfying meal! Ingredients: ½ bag il Macchiaiolo Corn Pasta Fusilli 1 Jar Radici of Tuscany Pasta Sauce with Sangiovese

gluten free corn couscous with chickpeas | This recipe for our new Gluten Free Corn Couscous takes less than 5 minutes to make and is a healthy, delicious and simple dish!

simple barolo pasta recipe | I was turned on to wonderful and simple pasta recipe by our importers. Barolo Pasta with Olive Oil & Fennel Salt

simple porcini pasta recipe | People often come into the store asking how they can use the Il Macchiaiolo Porcini Pasta we carry. It’s a gourmet product by all definitions and is a beautifully made and packaged. I always think back to a one of the first ways I cooked it.