Bevivo Rosso Balsamic Manhattan

Looking for some new and exciting cocktail ideas? Try something classy with our Bevivo Rosso Red Drinking Balsamic, for a new twist on the Manhattan: Bevivo Rosso Balsamic Manhattan 1 oz Ritrovo Selections Bevivo Rosso 4 oz bourbon Dash of bitters 1/2 cup ice cubes 1-3 cherries, fresh or macerated in Bevivo Rosso 1/4 cup […]

Holiday Drink Recipes

Need some ideas for creative holiday drinks? Check out these awesome cocktail recipes: Recipes courtesy of Ritrovo Selections: Order the Bevanda Drinking Balsamic & Dr. Pescia Acacia Honey Cocktail Set Here Bevanda Bing Bling (created by Mixologist Kelly Berends – Elephants’ Delicatessen, NW Portland OR) 2 oz Gin Tangueray 3/4 cup Simple Syrup 1 oz […]