Argentinean Food & Wine Tasting Saturday 1:00-3:00

Join us for a wonderful tasting this Saturday! Ann Coppel from Magic Road Imports will be presenting her beautiful Argentinean olive oil, olives and chimichurri sauce from 1:00-3:00. Magic Road will be a new line to The Shop Agora, we know you will enjoy it! Great tasting and great value red and white wines from […]

Thassos Sun Dried Greek Olives

Thassos is the most northern island of the Aegean Sea in Greece. This particular style of olive has been cultivated there and is rapidly growing in popularity outside of Greece. Thassos Olives are selected natural Greek black olives that are sun dried and cured with salt and vinegar. However, like most olives these do not […]

How To Spice Up Olives

Whenever we sample olives at the shop people ask us what we do to make them taste so good. Many of them are in a homemade brine which add lots of flavor, but to spice them up for impressing guests is VERY simple! To add some character to your olives, do the following: Drizzle extra […]