Le Ferre Infused Olive Oils + Recipes!

“A good oil is the result of a long-soil coming labor. It is the labor of a whole year: only if well done, it produces an excellent oil. This is the only secret of Le Ferre extra virgin olive oil.” {from Le Ferre’s website} In its third generation of farmers, Le Ferre produces in the Castellaneta […]

Spiritosi Recipes!

Here you go folks! A couple recipes to impress your guests: Chocolate Cherry Lava Cakes 6 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped and divided 1 tbsp heavy cream 3 tbsp unsalted butter, very soft 2 large eggs, room temperature 1/4 cup sugar 1 tbsp Barolo Chinato (drained from the Spiritosi Amarena Cherries jar; optional) 1 tsp vanilla […]

Holiday Cocktails – we love this time of year!

Looking for some fun and festive cocktail ideas? We have premium products to add flavorful flair to your favorite alcohols! Bevivo Drinking Balsamic (Lemon and Cherry); sold online and in-store mix 4 parts Sprite to 1 part vodka add a splash of either the Lemon or Cherry Bevivo garnish with a lemon twist or maraschino […]

Holiday Farro Salad

I love chestnuts – and am always looking for unique ways to incorporate them into my holiday menu. Although the chestnut is beautifully complimented by flavors of fig and apple, it is undeniably the star of this salad. I hope you enjoy this perfect (and healthy!) holiday treat.   **Adapted from Herbivoracious.com and Matiz Gallego […]

Rosemary Olive Oil Cake with Lemon

Adapted from Talk of Tomatoes I love that I can just walk down the street in my neighborhood and find rosemary abundantly growing along the way.  I make this cake more than any other cake but it is requested again and again. Lemon is a new addition. The plain version is equally delicious (if you […]

Kolokithokeftedes | Zucchini Fritters

These are a gluten free twist to a traditional Greek recipe, one of my absolute favorites! While this is usually consumed as an appetizer, it can also be served as more of an entree, or even for breakfast! I have someone with an egg allergy at home so eggs are off limits for me in […]

Fried Fingerlings with Sale Fiori & Tutti Fiori

This is a fun twist to a Greek staple: french fries. Aside from being delicious, adding flowers to your fried potatoes just ups the class of this side dish.   Ingredients 10-15 medium sized fingerlings, sliced finely (skins on) 1-1/2 cups Lantzanakis PDO Sitia Extra virgin Olive Oill 1/2 tablespoon Tutti Fiori Sale Fiori to taste […]

How to Make Greek Mountain Tea or Tsai Tou Vounou

We get asked all the time how to make Tsai Tou Vounou, or Greek Mountain Tea. This beautiful and nourishing tea is a sage plant relative, collected along the hillsides of Greece. Tsai Tou Vounou is rich in iron and is used as a calming, medicinal herbal tea. Instructions The tea comes with the stem […]

Wild Chicory & Halloumi Pita Sandwich

Get ready for a wild recipe inspired by a combination of Greek & Italian ingredients! For those of you looking to integrate Maida Wild Chicory into your daily meals, here is something simple and delicious to consider: Ingredients 1 tablespoon Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 whole pitas, baked 1 jar Maida Wild Chicory 1 […]

Yam & Coconut Ginger Soup Recipe

I am a huge fan of simple, blended soups. I remember having a lovely orange coconut milk based soup at a friends. I couldn’t remember exactly what vegetables she used to make it, so I recreated it this way: Yam & Coconut Ginger Soup This is a great, passive time investment recipe to make. It’s […]