XOCOLATL Black Truffle & Sea Salt Chocolate

Is it true? Has a Black Truffle & Sea Salt Chocolate been created? It has indeed. XOCOLATL has teamed up with Ritrovo Selections to create a magical pairing, beautiful dark chocolate with black truffle. At first it may sound strange, but the flavor is almost, well, magical as much as it is mysterious. How could this combination create something so different and yet so delicious?!

XOCOLATL Chocolate with Black Truffle & Sea Salt comes in small half ounce singles, along with XOCOLATL Chocolate with Fiore Di Sale and XOCOLATL Chocolate with Cintrone Hot Pepper Chocolate. I love each and every one of them with all of my heart, but I have chosen to write about the truffle chocolate first because it is the most unusual and sure to be a hit sensation in the very, very near future. A pricier item, but well worth the intrigue and delight!

Another exciting thing about these chocolates is that each one uses a Ritrovo main ingredient. The Truffle & Salt is used in the black truffle chocolate, the Fiore Di Sale is used in the sea salt chocolate, and the Cintrone Hot Pepper is used in the spicy hot pepper chocolate. Because I know each of these products, it brings another layer of excitement to these delicate sweets for me.