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Spiritosi Amarena Cherries are a jar full of whole amarena cherries preserved in one of Italy’s most evocative digestivi: Barolo Chinato.

Spiritosi w: Barolo Chinato

Amarena cherries are small, dark, slightly sour cherries grown primarily in Bologna and Modena. Though Italians typically preserve them in sugar, these delightful little cherries are preserved in the digestif wine, Barolo Chinato.

Barolo Chinato is derived from real Barolo, which is 100% Nebbiolo certified as DOCG Barolo, and can be considered a fortified wine. It is considered a digestif, or a drink to be served after the main meal as an aid for digestion. Somewhat comparable to a red vermouth, Barolo Chinato is infused with bitters made from the bark of the Cinchona Calisaya tree of South America, as well as other herbs including: gentian root (used in the soft drink Moxie), rhubarb root, wormwood (used in absinthe), and ginseng. Ingredients often used to flavor Chinato include cinnamon, coriander, cardamom seed, clove, ginger, orange rind, juniper, iris flowers, mint, vanilla, and bay leaf. It usually also contains cane sugar.

These Amarena cherries preserved in Barolo Chinato are an elegant garnish for your favorite cocktails with a flavorful syrup for bitters, mixers and toppings. Adds a pleasing finish to roasted duck breast, venison, or pork. Also a lovely pairing for the perfect cocktail and/or chocolate! These cherries are all natural with no preservatives.

Check back in for some recipes that can help inspire your use of these versatile and tasty lil morsels!