AGORA Twists to Your Thanksgiving | STAND OUT!

Casina Rossa Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle 100 mlLet us help you wow your Thanksgiving Day guests!  We have some lovely finishing oils & salts that will leave your guests stunned, savoring every bite.

Try these not so ordinary touches to your Thanksgiving meal:


Spanish Smoked Olive Oil

Try smoked olive oil as a finishing oil for turkey, stuffing, even roasted Brussels


Truffle Oil or Truffle & Salt

Not a smokey fan? Try our truffle oil or truffle salt to finish the same. A dash on those mashed potatoes will send your guests into culinary ecstasy!


Bergamot Olive Oil & Maletti 6 Year Aged Balsamic
Use our lemon or bergamot olive oil with the Maletti 6 year aged balsamic to dress up a green salad. Adding fresh citrus to this salad can be a great compliment


Sweet & Salt
Ritrovo Selections Sweet & Salt is the perfect secret ingredient for sweet potatoes, roasted squash, pumpkin soup and more!


Recipe ideas contributed by Gina White