Balsamic is Home

If you haven’t tried Maletti Balsamic Vinegar, you are missing an essential item in your kitchen and home. This balsamico is aged for 6 years in small oak barrels. With a consistency of molasses it is potent with flavor and bursting with mouth watering goodness!

Maletti has won endless awards and is by far one of our best sellers in the shop, not to mention a neighborhood favorite. Whenever people come into the store looking for balsamic vinegar, we always sample the Maletti first. It truly speaks for itself, the decision making process is easy. It comes in beautiful bottle with a cork spout and should last for months. A small drizzle of this magical creation goes a VERY long way!

Maletti has become part of our family and has it’s own deserved front and center spot on our kitchen counter. This summer we grew 32 tomato plants. Most of the tomatoes didn’t make it back to the house, Maletti has a spot on a tree stump outside. It’s an “investment piece” as I call it, but potentially life changing and a very wise one.


Ideas where a drop of this balsamic turns a dish into magic? Try over the following:

sea scallops
vanilla ice cream
goat cheese