slow cooker split pea soup | While this may not seem like a classic Mediterranean recipe, it is definitely a cherished family recipe. As we transition into Fall, soothing comfort foods meet the crisp air and smell of wood stoves burning with great appeal.

greek lentil soup recipe: fakes | Fakes, or traditional Greek lentil soup, is a very common dish throughout Greece. Over the past 10 years I’ve spent a lot of time living in the Peloponnese, learning village recipes from my husband’s family.

greekified cauliflower soup | Winter provides the perfect atmosphere for warming dishes and soul soothing soups. Try this simple blended cauliflower soup for a great side or entree.

yam & coconut ginger soup recipe | I am a huge fan of simple, blended soups. I remember having a lovely orange coconut milk based soup at a friends.