Casina Rossa Puro Tartufo Dried Truffle Slices

One of our more recent additions and popular items at The Shop Agora: Casina Rossa Puro Partufo 100% Italian Air-Dried Truffle Slices. Try adding puro tartufo in these dishes:

Rehydrate truffle flake and use:
• In pasta dishes and risottos
• To top poached or grilled fish, chicken, or steak
• Infuse in heavy cream to make truffled sauces
• Layer in goat cheese or ricotta tortas
• Bake into breads for foccacia
• Make into a powder to coat meat or seafood
• Use to make your own truffle brodo
• Mix into mashed potatoes
• Layer in a potato or root vegetable gratin
• Use in egg dishes, such as quiche, frittata, or a truffle benedict
• Combine with RITROVO SELECTIONS™ Black Truffle Oil and mix with pasta of choice
• Combine with bread crumbs and seasoning to stuff sole, lobster, crab, or mushrooms

Get your own Puro Tartufo and start experimenting!