Classy Drinks Without Booze

Coke? Puh-leeze.

With the incoming summer, we’ll be sure to have chilled bottles of white, rose, and bubbles to please anyone’s taste.  However, did you know that we have some pretty delicious, natural non-alcoholic beverages that will quench your thirst and not leave you full of chemicals and high fructose corn syrup?  Try these at your next barbecue and you’ll never drink another coke again.

Seltzer_HomepageIntroNEW-webSpindrift Soda

How about popping open a refreshing blend of sparkling water, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, and a touch of all natural cane sugar on a hot summer’s day? A perfectly tart, perfectly sweet, sparkling lemonade? What about  seltzer with fresh squeezed raspberry juice and lime.

Spindrift Sodas are all natural, made in California, and put your other soft drinks to SHAME. Plus they will look gorgeous in your ice bucket (while they last).  We have Spindrifts in mango-orange, grapefruit, lemonade, and raspberry-lime seltzer.  They’re twist off so come grab a few bottles on your way to your next picnic.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Do not insult Rachel’s Ginger Beer by even thinking it is distantly related to the ginger ale you buy at the store. This is definitely ginger in the most refreshing form you will ever have.   It literally tastes like ginger root and fresh lemons sweetened with just the right amount of sugar. That’s probably because it is.  If you don’t like ginger, I feel bad for you because you will not experience the explosion of fireworks in your mouth that I get whenever I take a swig of this stuff.  Did I mention it’s made locally in Seattle?

Bevivo Drinking Balsamic (in cherry or lemon)

When we ask our customers if they’d like to try our drinking balsamic, their reaction usually goes like this:

1) “What? You drink balsamic?!”

   and then

2) Delight

A bit tangy, a bit fruity sweet, there are many ways you can drink Bevivo drinking balsamic.  Add a small amount to Vinho Verde or Prosecco and you might as well be screaming summer from your rooftop.  Try it as an exciting and healthy way to spruce up your sparkling water, pour it over ice, or use it as a mixer for cocktails (Try these recipes).

Drinking balsamic is not just for grown-ups. Kids love it.  We have more than a few customers who can’t replace their Bevivo fast enough after their children discover it. Low in calories, natural, and healthy, it’s a perfect substitute for chemically enhanced soft drinks. That’s pretty Win-Win if you ask me.