Food Menu



AVGOLEMONO a traditional Greek soup to warm the soul, made with chicken, rice, egg and lemon, with fresh baby spinach to top   6

FAKES GREEK LENTIL with carrots and potatoes served Greek feta   6

FASOLADA WHITE BEAN served with fresh lemon juice and feta  6

DUCK FRENCH ONION a classic made with house made duck stock, crostini and molten cheese   7

*All soups are served with house made Macrina crostinis



GREEK GREEN SALAD organic mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, olives, house balsamic vinaigrette   7

ROKA organic citrus arugula salad with controne spicy Marcona almonds and Pico goat cheese    7

WHITE ANCHOVY CAESAR SALAD with organic romaine, Pecorino Romano, house made caesar dressing and croutons, topped with white anchovies (boquerones)    8

*Add grilled chicken for 3.00 to any salad



OLIVE PLATE four olive varieties served with warm pita bread   5

DOLMADES Rice and herbs wrapped in grape leaves, served with Agora tzatziki   6

KALAMATA CROWN FIGS wrapped in pancetta stuffed with Penacorada blue cheese and Marcona almonds   6

KOPANISTI a traditional Northern Greek specialty dip made with Mama Lil’s peppers, feta and a hint of mint.  Served with warm pita   6

WHITE GIGANTES SALAD Greek giant beans, rich and buttery served with olive oil, finely chopped fresh veggies and olives   6

RED GIGANTES Greek giant beans served warm in a Greek tomato sauce with a side of pita  7

SPANAKOPITA a traditional Greek pastry with warm cheese and organic spinach wrapped in phyllo-a house specialty  7

SPREAD SAMPLER four traditional Greek spreads served with warm pita bread   7

SARDINE BRUSCHETTA Sardines served bruschetta style on toasted bread, topped with lemon zest   7

BABY ARTICHOKE HEARTS dusted with hazelnut flour, roasted and served warm with gigantes giant beans and a side of pita   9

LAMB BURGER SLIDERS three mini feta stuffed lamb burgers topped with red wine onions and organic mixed greens 10

ROASTED DUCK SLIDERS 3 mini duck sliders with caramelized onions, goat cheese, balsamic quince jam and arugula 10



HALLOUMI CHEESE from Cyprus. The cheese that grills! Served with fresh lemon wedges  7

TYROPITA this house made specialty is a must try! Feta wrapped with phyllo, drizzled with honey, sesame seeds & raisins   7

BURRATA ALLA PANNA Italian fresh cultured cheese served with homemade crostini brushed with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt   9



COLD ORZO SALAD mixed with peas, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, olive oil and feta  

VEGETARIAN GREEK SPAGHETTI with a light tomato carrot sauce with spices served over stringozzi pasta with grated Mytzithra cheese  9

BOLOGNESE pasta served with a tomato based sauce with ground beef, topped with grated cheese   12

PASTITSIO a traditional Greek style lasagna. This pasta dish is layered with ground beef sauce, bechamel and finished with cinnamon   14

MINI PASTITSIO a half order served with a side green salad   9



PITA GYRO lamb and beef gyro served with house made tzatziki, cucumbers, tomatoes & a side salad  9

FALAFEL served with house made tzatziki, cucumbers, tomatoes & a side salad 9

GRILLED CHICKEN GYRO wrapped in pita with house made tzatziki, cucumbers, tomatoes & a side salad  11

ROASTED DUCK SANDWICH  lightly seared, oven roasted duck served on a Macrina baguette, with caramelized onions, Pico goat cheese, balsamic quince jam and a side citrus arugula salad  14

FETA STUFFED LAMB BURGER topped with red wine onions, organic mixed greens and sun dried tomato butter on a Macrina bun, served with a green side salad 14

STUFFED EGGPLANT toasted onions, zucchini and ground beef stuffed in delicious eggplant, topped with Pecorino Romano and tomatoes. Served with feta and warm bread 14

BOUREKI sauteed onions, mushrooms and ground lamb, mixed with feta and wrapped in phyllo. Served over a bed of organic mixed greens  with a side of skordalia garlic mashed potatoes   14

SOUVLAKI tender lamb, onions and peppers grilled on the skewer with a side of lemon baked potatoes and a mixed green salad 14



FALLEN CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE   a decadent homemade dessert, served with ice cream and Italian candied orange   single  6   double  8

CREME BRULEE   a delicious vanilla based classic  7

BAKLAVA   phyllo layered walnut & honey pastry served with vanilla ice cream  5

CHEESECAKE with an amaretti cookie crust drizzled with amarena cherry mosto cotto  6

RICE PUDDING   served in a traditional Greek fashion with nutmeg and cinnamon   6

SALTED CARAMELS   delicious dark chocolate with sea salt or milk chocolate with smoked salt caramels  3 for 3

GALAKTOBOURIKO   Phyllo wrapped custard, one of our most favored Greek pastries (check for availability)  6



KOULOURAKIA   a traditional Greek cookie topped with sesame seeds  1 each

KOURIAMBIEDES   Greek shortbread cookie showered with powdered sugar  1 each

MELOMAKARONA   honey walnut homemade cookies  2.50