Greek Wines to Know

After researching what other people are saying about Greek wines on the internet, I was pleasantly surprised by this Food & Wine Magazine article.

Top Greek Grape Varietals to look for in Greek Wines:

1. Agiorgitiko: Black, velvety reds with dark fruit and cherry flavors.

2. Assyrtiko: Dry, mineral, citrus whites that are indigenous to the island of Santorini. The volcano ash rich soil is essential in the success of ths grape.

3. Athiri: Aromatic whites known for it’s lemon character and flavors of peaches and other stone fruits. This grape is used to make Restina on the Island of Rhodes.

4. Malagousia: White wines with aromas of melons, honey and jasmine with lovely texture and length. This varietal almost disappeared from Greece, but winemaker Gerovassiliou has been reviving it. Grown in northern Greece

5. Moschofilero: A white wine coming from the Peloponnese, with common scents of blossom and tangerine. Sweet flavors and nice acidity, this grape has similar characteristics to the Muscat.

6. Roditis: If you are familiar with Falanghina from Italy, Roditis is the same varietal from Greece. Light bodied elegant white and rose wines come from this grape and are known for their crisp, citrus notes.

7. Xinomavro: This popular red, Greek varietal is produced all over the country. Xinomavro which means bitter and black is full of floral notes, spice, great fruit and firm tannins.

Visit what Food & Wine Magazine rates as the best new Greek White Wines, and the best new Greek Red Wines.

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