Melitzanes Tiganites | Greek Fried Eggplant Rounds

eggplant 1One of our favorite treats at home, fried eggplant! These crispy critters are simply delicious and a fun appetizer if you’re cooking Greek. Eggplant is like a sponge, so make sure to use good olive oil for frying. This contributes to both quality and flavor.


1 medium or large eggplant, sliced finely into rounds

1 cup all purpose organic flour

1-1 1/2 cups Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fine sea salt


Wash eggplant, remove ends. Slice as finely as possible into large rounds. Salt both sides of eggplant. This will help it “sweat” out the bitter flavor. Let salted eggplant sit at least 20-30 minutes. Heat olive oil in large saute pan over medium heat. Add flour to a baking pan. Remove eggplant from plate and dredge through flour on both sides. When olive oil is hot, add eggplant and fry until brown on both sides. Remove from oil and place on paper towels to absorb oil. Serve hot!

Serves 4-6

egpplant 2