NEW Product – Truffle & Salt with Cheese!

Our Truffle & Salt & Cheese is the most perfect combination to add some savory depth and delight to almost any dish! A Ritrovo and Shop Agora exclusive, this tasty salt will turn you into a gourmet chef in minutes!

Truffle Salt and Cheese

The flavor combinations could not be complete without specially-processed air-dried parmigiano reggiano from Parma, which is skillfully blended with Casina Rossa’s award-winning

Savory sprinkling suggestions for this salt include:

– Steak
– Polenta (try it on Ritrovo’s Polenta with Vegetables)
– Potato dishes
– Any egg dish!

Or pair it with a mild extra virgin olive oil, like Tenuta Cocevola, and sprinkle over Porcini Taglioni.

A great value for only $27, stop in the store, or add to your cart today!