Rethink Organic: What it Means for Vinegar

Why You Should Try This Product

Chances are if you value specialty foods, you probably value organic foods! Organic as a default can be your best bet at times, ensuring a certain standard of quality.

We carry many products that are not certified that meet and exceed organic standards by a long shot. That being said, you know you are avoiding certain chemical exposures during growth, harvest and production when you buy organic.

How does this apply to vinegar? Balsamic vinegar is made from fermented grape must. Tons of grapes go into the production of grape must and grapes, as you know, can be at high risk for chemical and pesticide exposure. By getting organic balsamic vinegar, you know that spoonful of yummy goodness is not packed with harmful residues. TRY OURS, IT’S DELICIOUS AND IT’S NEW!