Smoked Olive Oil, Are You Serious?

Castilla de Canena Smoked Arbequina Oil

One of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world infused with the naturally produced smoke of oak, beach, and birch wood?  Someone pinch me!

Castilla de Canena has been producing arbequina olive oil since 1780 in the Guadalquivir Valley of Andalusia in the South of Spain.   Among its many recognitions, the family reserva olive oil has been voted one of the best three olive oils of the world by the prestigious Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition, and has received 97 points in the 2013 Flos Olei Guide, earning it a spot as one of the top 20 international extra virgin olive oils of the world.

Origin & Flavors

Considering the origin, it’s not hard to believe that the Castilla de Canena Century XXI smoked arbequina oil is the most extravagant and lush oak-smoked oil you will ever taste.  The process of slowly cold-infusing this award winning oil with naturally produced smoke from a combination of organic woods has allowed it to keep its superior quality and freshness but with an added depth of real smoke.  Open the bottle and it will be love at first smell. Along with the distinct flavor of wood smoke, you will taste notes of apple and almond with rich undertones of vanilla, caramel, and toffee. The spicy, long finish will linger long after your dish is gone.

Suggested Use

This oil should definitely be drizzled on your summer barbecue recipes and on any roasted vegetable. For vegetarians, transform your tofu, ordinary scrambled eggs, or beans into a culinary adventure.  This oil is also divine over grilled fruit and I always finish pasta dishes and pizzas with it (may I suggest a chicken, pesto, and sundried tomato pizza drizzled with Maletti balsamic vinegar and smoked arbequina oil for your next dinner?).  This is definitely a must have that will raise you from a good cook to a gourmet god(dess). And I have to mention the adorable and bright aqua bottle that it comes in.  Looking for the perfect gift?  You found it.

Article contributed by Jana Shih