Spice Up Your Dipping Olive Oil!

Here are a couple creative ways to mix up your dipping style and surprise your guests!

First off, start with a fabulous olive oil. Try one of our favories, Trampetti!

Channel Agora’s kitchen by drizzling a little Maletti and sprinkling with Mountain Oregano.

Maletti  6 Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar 250 ml  10003fer

Or keep it simply divine with a touch of Piran Salt Flowers – you’ll never look back!

Piran Solnce Fior di Sale 2.2 oz

If you like some heat, try a splash of Spicy Balsamic in your olive oil dish or sprinkle Controne Pepper on top for a true Italian kick.

1310bals Michele Ferrante Hand Ground Campanian Controne Hot Pepper 1.5 oz

Or shop around theshopagora.com and come up with your own creative concoction – it’s time to have fun!