100% Italian Pinoli Pine Nuts

Thanks to Ritrovo Selections we finally have a trustworthy company bringing in quality Italian Pine Nuts. A handful of customers have come into our shop who have experienced pine mouth first hand. True Italian Pine Nuts have become a delicacy, one of which we are grateful to offer both in store and through our online […]

Acetorium Fig Vinegar

Luscious flavor from pure fig wine, with no infusions or additives, embodies Acetorium’s Fig Vinegar. Try it for marinating seafood or as a salad seasoning. Acetorium vinegars are hand-crafted by esteemed winemaker Joseph Reiterer of Alto Adige and German master vinegar maker Robert Bauer. Instead of using flavor infusions they judiciously select the basic ingredients […]

Tenuta Cocevola Olive Oil Sale!

We are excited to present a 30% off special for the much praised Tenuta Cocevola Olive Oil. You will be able to purchase this on our website for the outstanding price of $21.30 for the next week! From Southern Puglia comes this small production DOP product. Their winery is set overlooking the Adriatic sea close […]

Claudio Corallo is “Pure Pleasure”

According to Sunset Magazine, Claudio Corallo’s 75% Chocolate Tablets are pure pleasure. If you haven’t tried this pure, intense, delicious chocolate from the island of Sao Tome (off the west coast of Africa)…..well, it’s about time you did! Each cacao bean stem that contributes to the bitterness of chocolate is removed by hand. This creates […]

Wild Chicory Featured in Food & Wine Magazine

It’s exciting to present a new product from Ritrovo Selections that is featured in Food & Wine Magazine this month! Maida Wild Chicory is the perfectly cooked Italian green, imported to retain it’s beautiful qualities. The natural spice of the green comes through, and the texture is unique and delightful. The greens are jarred in […]

Thassos Sun Dried Greek Olives

Thassos is the most northern island of the Aegean Sea in Greece. This particular style of olive has been cultivated there and is rapidly growing in popularity outside of Greece. Thassos Olives are selected natural Greek black olives that are sun dried and cured with salt and vinegar. However, like most olives these do not […]

Alba White Truffle Oil Sale!

As a very popular item in the shop, Ciacco Alba White Truffle Oil will be on sale for the next week. Normally featured at $17.00, you can get your hands on this for only $13.50. Take advantage of this great value and enjoy! Use Alba White Truffle Oil as a simple compliment to a variety […]

Phelps Creek Chardonnay in The Seattle Times

As featured in The Seattle Times article below, Phelps Creek Chardonnay has been very well received. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/wineadviser/2010786368_pacificpadviser24.html The Phelps Creek Vineyards 2008 Estate Reserve chardonnay is a new addition to The Shop Agora. If you’re looking to purchase this “luscious mix” wine, we are pleased to have it in stock!