Spice Up Your Dipping Olive Oil!

Here are a couple creative ways to mix up your dipping style and surprise your guests! First off, start with a fabulous olive oil. Try one of our favories, Trampetti! Channel Agora’s kitchen by drizzling a little Maletti and sprinkling with Mountain Oregano. Or keep it simply divine with a touch of Piran Salt Flowers […]

Raro by Madonna

Meet our new Raro extra virgin olive oil by Madonna A Super Extra Virgin Olive Oil This olive oil is a limited edition from Antonino Mennella’s small 2000-tree farm in the Salerno region of Campania, hence the name, Raro (or “rare”).  Produced from the pulp of specially selected Ravece and Rotondella olives, Raro is a […]

New Organic Colli Etruschi Olive Oil!

Come on in and get it! New Organic Colli Estruschi is in and super delicious! Colli Etruschi is a select, certified organic, monovarietal extra virgin oil from local caninese olives. Colli Etruschi is one of the first producers in the world to use this cutting edge, “two-step” pressing system; the resulting oil is rich in […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pressed with Fresh Sicilian Lemons!

Many of you have heard about or tried flavored olive oils. Many of these flavored olive oils are not the best of quality, not the oil and not the flavoring. Casina Rossa’s extra virgin olive oil is pressed with fresh Sicilian lemons. The rich olive oil is infused with bright, citrus flavors of Mediterranean lemons. […]