il Macchiaiolo Corn Pasta with Sangiovese Sauce

Try this simply delicious recipe for a quick and satisfying meal! Ingredients: ½ bag il Macchiaiolo Corn Pasta Fusilli 1 Jar Radici of Tuscany Pasta Sauce with Sangiovese 1 Tbsp. Trampetti or Mannucci-Droandi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ cup grated parmigiano reggiano cheese Directions: Cook pasta until al dente, about 7 minutes. Drain well. […]

Gluten Free Corn Couscous with Chickpeas

This recipe for our new Gluten Free Corn Couscous takes less than 5 minutes to make and is a healthy, delicious and simple dish! 2 cups water 1 teaspoon sea salt 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 Box Bacchini Gluten Free Corn Couscous 1 Jar Radici of Tuscany Chianti Baby Chickpeas 2 tablespoons butter […]

Gluten Free & Vegan Gift Baskets

Did you know that we offer a Gluten Free Vegan Care Package and Gluten Free Vegan Gift Baskets? The products you’ll find in these sought out popular combinations are well loved, and often harder to find. These gifts suit people following specific nutritional guidelines as well as those looking for outstanding, delicious products. Radici of […]

Gluten Free Couscous!

We are excited to present one of Ritrovo’s new product lines, Bacchini Gluten Free Couscous! In only 5 minutes cooking time you can have alternative to traditional wheat bulgar. These are the three new couscous varieties : 100% Gluten Free Corn Couscous Farro/Spelt Couscous 100% Gluten Free Corn & Rice Couscous

Gluten Free Goods

You may be hearing a lot of talk these days about gluten free foods and cooking. We are proud at The Shop Agora to carry a variety of unique gluten free items, ranging from rice and corn past to gluten free amarettis and cousous. Here are some links to some of the gluten free products […]