Spice Up Your Dipping Olive Oil!

Here are a couple creative ways to mix up your dipping style and surprise your guests! First off, start with a fabulous olive oil. Try one of our favories, Trampetti! Channel Agora’s kitchen by drizzling a little Maletti and sprinkling with Mountain Oregano. Or keep it simply divine with a touch of Piran Salt Flowers […]

Kalamata Figs with Fiori & Salt and Maletti Balsamico

Easy, delicious and guaranteed to ALWAYS impress your guests. This might be the best thing that EVER happened to your BBQ!   Ingredients 1  14 oz package dried Kalamata Crown Figs 1/4 cup whole hazelnuts, toasted 1/4 cup blue cheese (blue goat cheese is our preference) Optional: 3 oz Pancetta, sliced thin Maletti Balsamic Vinegar […]

20% Off Maletti Balsamic Vinegar!

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Maletti Aged Balsamic Vinegar

One of the most nationally prized balsamic vinegars, with an array of food awards under it’s belt (NASF) is our year round best seller, Maletti. This balsamic vinegar is aged for 6 years in small oak barrels. It is dense with flavor, thick as molasses and turns anything it touches into magic! So far, the […]