Let’s Put Those Thanksgiving Leftovers to Good Use!

A successful Thanksgiving dinner can be identified by the amount of leftovers from the big feast – the more the better – for post-Thanksgiving kitchen experiments! Here are a few suggestions on how to put a twist on traditional Thanksgiving leftover recipes! 1. Roasted Turkey Lasagna or Turkey Bolognese – Try a lasagna or bolognese […]

Gluten Free Goods

You may be hearing a lot of talk these days about gluten free foods and cooking. We are proud at The Shop Agora to carry a variety of unique gluten free items, ranging from rice and corn past to gluten free amarettis and cousous. Here are some links to some of the gluten free products […]

New Products!

After unpacking many orders today, we have so many new and exciting products! Some of our new items include: Carnoli Rice from Ritrovo Rosewater from Lebanon Black Truffle & Salt, Sea Salt, and Controne Hot Pepper Chocolates Gigli Pasta and so much more, meaning new photos to add for website product updates!