Le Ferre Infused Olive Oils + Recipes!

“A good oil is the result of a long-soil coming labor. It is the labor of a whole year: only if well done, it produces an excellent oil. This is the only secret of Le Ferre extra virgin olive oil.” {from Le Ferre’s website} In its third generation of farmers, Le Ferre produces in the Castellaneta […]

Spiritosi Recipes!

Here you go folks! A couple recipes to impress your guests: Chocolate Cherry Lava Cakes 6 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped and divided 1 tbsp heavy cream 3 tbsp unsalted butter, very soft 2 large eggs, room temperature 1/4 cup sugar 1 tbsp Barolo Chinato (drained from the Spiritosi Amarena Cherries jar; optional) 1 tsp vanilla […]

Check out this NEW truffle concoction!

Ritrovo and Casina Rossa’s latest collaboration, Truffle & Salt & Cheese is an innovative combination of a specially-processed, air-dried parmigiano reggiano from Parma, skillfully blended with Casina Rossa’s award-winning Truffle & Salt. The quality of the air dried parmigiano together with the classic truffle flavor of Casina Rossa Truffle & Salt beautifully enhances polenta, potato, […]

Red Hot: Why Controne is Simply the Best Pepper out There

And why YOU need to get some! We can’t tell you how many spices we’ve tried over the years, from Spain to Chile and back again. Michele Ferrante’s Controne Hot Pepper from Campania blows them ALL out of the water! What makes Controne Hot Pepper different AND better? It’s air dried by wood burning heat It’s hand […]

Double Pistachio Ice Cream

And yes. The “double” is necessary! This elegant (yet easy to assemble) dessert showcases two of our favorite holiday products – Pistachio Cream and Cantuccini Al Pistachio.   Ingredients Cantuccini Al Pistachio Pistachio Cream by Ritrovo Vanilla Ice Cream   Spoon Pistachio Cream onto 2 (or 3… or 4) Cantuccini Al Pistachio cookies. Place cream/cookie […]

Kalamata Figs with Fiori & Salt and Maletti Balsamico

Easy, delicious and guaranteed to ALWAYS impress your guests. This might be the best thing that EVER happened to your BBQ!   Ingredients 1  14 oz package dried Kalamata Crown Figs 1/4 cup whole hazelnuts, toasted 1/4 cup blue cheese (blue goat cheese is our preference) Optional: 3 oz Pancetta, sliced thin Maletti Balsamic Vinegar […]

Toasted Wheat Orecchiette with Edible Flowers and Ricotta

Adapted from Smitten Kitchen The rich, smoky color of the Farina Arsa Orecchiette is enough to catch the eye, but this toasty, nutty, earthy pasta also comes with a history. According to our friends at Ritrovo Selections, farina arsa,  or toasted wheat flour pasta comes from a little-known Pugliese tradition from the times when local […]

Raro by Madonna

Meet our new Raro extra virgin olive oil by Madonna A Super Extra Virgin Olive Oil This olive oil is a limited edition from Antonino Mennella’s small 2000-tree farm in the Salerno region of Campania, hence the name, Raro (or “rare”).  Produced from the pulp of specially selected Ravece and Rotondella olives, Raro is a […]

Vanilla Caramel Popcorn with Fiori & Salt

Adapted from Baked by Rachel Flowers on your food are more than aesthetically pleasing.  Casina Rossa Fiori & Salt is a blend of 10 edible flowers with sea salt, presenting an elegant and unique addition to salads, or on cheese, vegetables, poultry, fish, and pork. Try Fiori & Salt with olive oil on Burrata cheese […]

Fried Fingerlings with Sale Fiori & Tutti Fiori

This is a fun twist to a Greek staple: french fries. Aside from being delicious, adding flowers to your fried potatoes just ups the class of this side dish.   Ingredients 10-15 medium sized fingerlings, sliced finely (skins on) 1-1/2 cups Lantzanakis PDO Sitia Extra virgin Olive Oill 1/2 tablespoon Tutti Fiori Sale Fiori to taste […]