Toasted Wheat Orecchiette with Edible Flowers and Ricotta

Adapted from Smitten Kitchen The rich, smoky color of the Farina Arsa Orecchiette is enough to catch the eye, but this toasty, nutty, earthy pasta also comes with a history. According to our friends at Ritrovo Selections, farina arsa,  or toasted wheat flour pasta comes from a little-known Pugliese tradition from the times when local […]

Fried Fingerlings with Sale Fiori & Tutti Fiori

This is a fun twist to a Greek staple: french fries. Aside from being delicious, adding flowers to your fried potatoes just ups the class of this side dish.   Ingredients 10-15 medium sized fingerlings, sliced finely (skins on) 1-1/2 cups Lantzanakis PDO Sitia Extra virgin Olive Oill 1/2 tablespoon Tutti Fiori Sale Fiori to taste […]