WARNING: With This Blue Zone Food You May Live Longer!

And we think you’re gonna like it

Oh, the land and sea of Greece! Oftentimes when we think of foods that increase longevity, we think of foods that, well, stink!

This food is actually a drink…introducing IKARIA BEGLERI WINE! This fine white wine, has aromas of endurance and notes of old age. While we can’t ship wine (you’d have to stop in the shop to grab it), we want you to know about this liquored little gem.

High consumption of olive oil is also one of the key components of longevity for this blue zone. And we definitely use A LOT of that! It doesn’t get any better than this stuff:

Domaine Mercouri Extra Virgin Olive Oil = Liquid Gold!


For our die hard fans, we’re offering a 20% case discount if you order online before April 1st!